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TSAPIS Nicolas

Equipe 5 : Ingénierie particulaire et cellulaire à visée thérapeutique

 : nicolas.tsapis[a]

 : +33 1 46 83 58 13

 : +33 1 46 83 59 46

Bureau : Tour D5 / 117


In French

In English After studying Physics at Univ Paris Sud (France), Nicolas Tsapis did his PhD on the influence of proteins on the elastic properties of model biological membranes at Laboratoire de Physique Statistique (ENS, Paris, France). In 2001, he went to Harvard University as a post-doctoral fellow in the groups of Prof. David A. Edwards and Prof. David A. Weitz. There he studied the drying process of droplets containing colloidal particles from a fundamental as well as from an applied point of view. In October 2003, Nicolas Tsapis joined the team of Prof Elias Fattal as a CNRS researcher (Institut Galien Paris-Sud, Univ Paris-Sud, Faculté de Pharmacie, Châtenay-Malabry, France). His research activity focuses on three main topics: Novel contrast agents for medical imaging and theranostics, spray drying from fundamentals to therapeutic applications and thermoresponsive polymers. In 2009, he obtained the CNRS bronze medal and in 2014 he was appointed CNRS research director. Together with Prof E. Fattal is the co-leader of the Particle Engineering for Therapeutic applications group at Institut Galien Paris-Sud. He is the author of about 100 publications and 8 patents.

Mots clés

In French Polymères fluorés, séchage par atomisation, théranostique, administration pulmonaire, polymères thermosensibles

In English Fluorinated polymers, spray drying, theranostics, lung delivery, thermoresponsive polymers

10 publications majeures

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