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Patrick Couvreur, Professor at University Paris-Sud, received title of Doctor Honoris Causa from Ghent University (Belgium)

Elias Fattal obtains the Maurice-Marie Janot Award 2018

Elias Fattal, Professor at the University Paris-Sud and Director of the Institut Galien Paris-Sud (UMR CNRS 8612) has been selected by an international scientific committee of 70 scientific personalities as the Maurice-Marie Janot Award 2018. The first edition of this prize goes back to 1986. It is given by the European association APGI and sponsored by the company Sanofi. This award recognizes the innovation and scientific impact of a research conducted by a scientist in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Elias Fattal will receive the award at the 11th World Meeting on Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology to be held in Granada (Spain) from March 19 to 22, 2018. This congress brings together around 1500 participants making it the world's first congress in the field of drug delivery. On this occasion, Elias Fattal will give a plenary lecture entitled "Tackling physiological resistances to drug delivery". Elias Fattal follows a series of world-renowned scientists among the awardees (list of awardees).

Julien NICOLAS, recipient of an ERC Consolidator Grant 2017

Congratulations to Julien NICOLAS, CNRS Director of research at Institut Galien, recipient of an ERC Consolidator grant 2017!

To counter the predicted drastic rise of new cancer cases over the next decades and to lower the dramatic financial burden of cancer treatments on patients and healthcare systems, innovative chemotherapies with high efficacy and reduced cost represent an urgent and unmet clinical need. In this context, teh aim of the THERMONANO project (2018-2023) is to develop a new drug delivery strategy that will be simple, efficient, comfortable for the patient and significantly less costly than traditional chemotherapies. See the press release from the ERC.

Julien Nicolas recipient of the 2017 Polymer Chemistry Lectureship award

This award, attributed every year by Polymer Chemistry (RSC), honours an early-career researcher who has made significant contribution to the polymer chemistry field. It was awarded to Julien Nicolas the 23rd of May 2017 at the 12th International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering APME17 (Ghent, Belgium) by Polymer Chemistry Associate Editor Prof. Dr. Christopher BARNER-KOWOLLIK.

In an article published in Cancer Research review, Patrick Couvreur’s team from the Institut Galien (Paris-Sud university/ Paris-Saclay university) has designed a new nanodrug with cisplatine for experimental treatment of colon carner. Administrered by oral pathway, thius nanodrug exhibited increased anticancerous activity and less renal toxicity compared to free cisplatine. These works has been realized within the framework of ERC Advanced Grant TERNANOMED.

In an article published in the journal Nature Communications, Patrick Couvreur's team at the Galien Institute (Paris-Sud University / Paris-Saclay University) discovered that it was possible to exploit the lipoproteins (LDL, HDL) of the general circulation for the indirect vectorization of drugs, provided that they are equipped with a chemical grouping having a high affinity for the LDL. This work was carried out within the framework of ERC Advanced Grant "TERNANOMED".

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Simona Mura and Myriam Taverna nominated within the 27th Institut Universitaire de France promotion as junior and senior member.

This award honours the scientific quality of candidates academic activity and aim at support them in terms of ressources and time released for research. The mission of IUF is focused on his support to excellence and to the diffusion of French academic research. Official ceremony for the new members establishment will occur on the 23th October at the Sorbonne.

Patrick Couvreur laureate of Riace Bronzes international prize edition 2017

Honour comity of the “Bronzi di Riace” international prize, presided by Guiseppe Tripodi has awarded Riace Bronze prize form his significative activity in the support and promotion of scientific research. Ceremony will take place in Paris in june 2017. Riace Bronzes are two very precious statue made in bronze, unique pieces in the wolrd, found in Riace in Ionian Sea on the Calabria coast. These statues became a symbol for the town of Reggio of Calabria where the price is born to diffuse and award personality working in Italy or abroad who have international reputation.

New jof offer in internal mobility : Engineer in seperatives technics and small molecules, polymer and proteins separation

The engineer will be attached most of the time to the analytical chemistry team under team leader responsibility. This team use sepration technics as capillary electrophorese or HPLC with different types of UV detection, fluorescence or mass spectrometry. For the other part of his time, the engineer will join the laboratory HPLC platform and supervised by the laboratory director. This platform has to respond to analytical needs of multiple laboratory project : from the characterization, separation and quantification of various molecules to the study of their metabolism, in vivo stability, association/internalization in carriers.
These position is to be filled soon.

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The prize of Dr and Mrs Henri LABBE from the Sciences Academy award bhemical and biological works. It has been given the 22 november 2016 to Elias FATTAL for his works about the discover of micro and nanotechnology for oral administration and/or tageted of actives molecules and constats agents. Among other things he developed hybrid (nano / micro) systems for the intraocular or intra-pulmonary administration of nucleic acids or small molecules and carried out the study of the nanotoxicity associated with this type of administration. He also considered the use of hybrid systems to reduce the ability of residual antibiotics in the colon to induce resistances and licensed the patents resulting from this research at the Da Volterra Society.

Julien NICOLAS,laureate of the Common Polymers Division Award at the SCF and the GFP, and appointed Associate Editor of the Journal Chemistry of Materials (ACS)

The Prize of the Polymers Division common to the French Chemical Society (SCF) and the French Group of Studies and Applications of Polymers (GFP) is awarded every two years and rewards scientists under 40 years of age who have contributed Major contribution to the field of polymers. It was presented on 17 November 2016 at the 45th congress of the GFP (Marseilles) to Julien NICOLAS for its work on the development of innovative nanoparticulate systems for the delivery of active ingredients.
Julien NICOLAS was also appointed, in early October 2016, Associate Editor of the Journal Chemistry of Materials (ACS).

The valorisation of works resulting from the team of Gilles Ponchel is at the head of the monthly Letter of CNRS Innovation of October 20, 2016

The works developed by Mrs Kawthar Bouchemal at the Institut Galien Paris-Sud are at the origin of the creation of the start-up BioKawthar Technologies. This biotechnology company, whose CEO is Mr Manuel Silva, is specialized in the reformulation of dermatological targeted molecules, presented in the form of micro or nano-wafers, thanks to the use of an innovative patented manufacturing process. BioKawthar Technologies was awarded in July 2016 by the i-LAB 2016 competition, the national aid competition To the creation of innovative technology companies, organized by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research and Bpifrance. The start-up was also awarded with the French Tech "Emergence" scholarship in 2013.

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Elias Fattal and Patrick Couvreur organize the 12th France-Japan drug delivery systems symposium

The 12th Symposium on Systems of Administration was held from 9 to 12 October 2016, at the Abbey of Vaux de Cernay. This seminar brought together some thirty French and Japanese scientists, academics and industrialists and allowed very rich scientific exchanges between the researchers. This symposium has been held every two years for 24 years, alternately in France and Japan. It was the turn of the Institut Galien Paris-Sud to organize it and it was a great success according to all the participants. See you in 2018 in Japan.

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Elias Fattal recieve the College of Fellows Award

During the annual Congress of the Controlled Release Society (CRS), currently held in Seattle, Elias Fattal received the College of Fellows Award. This College recognizes members of the CRS who have made outstanding contributions over the last ten years in the field of innovation in Pharmacotechnics.

Doc&PostDoc Day 2016

The day Doc & PostDoc Day 2016 took place on June 20, 2016 on campus University of Orsay, Building 450, G2 amphitheater from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. This event has allowed PhD students and post-docs from the Galien Paris-Sud Institute to present their results, to exchange and discuss on their various research themes.
In addition, this year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the UMR8612 and on this occasion, Catherine Levisage (Laboratory of Osteo-Articular and Dental Engineering, Inserm U791, Nantes) and Romain Verpillot (Alzohis, Paris), former members of the Unit came to present their recent work.
172/5000 Essayez avec cette orthographe : En plus des 2 conférences invitées, cette journée s'est structurée autour de 8 présentations orales et de 15 posters, tous en anglais et d’un très bon niveau scientifique. In addition to the 2 invited lectures, this day was structured around 8 oral presentations and 15 posters, all in English and of a very good scientific level.
This event was sponsored by Fédéric Bonté, also a former member of the Unit, Director of Scientific Intelligence at LVMH Recherche. This allowed to serve an excellent lunch prepared by a caterer! The organization of this event was perfect and the atmosphere warm and friendly, a total success.What to say about the final video, perfect synthesis of the history of the Unit and very funny.
At the end of this day the prize for the best poster was awarded to Gianpiero Lazzari and the prize for the best presentation to Claire Albert.

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The work of the team of Elias Fattal mentioned on the site of INC CNRS

Prof. Elias Fattal's team has just published an article in the journal Bioconjugate Chemistry relating to the development of nanovectors carrying an anti-CD44 aptamer type ligand for the targeting of cancerous stem cells. This work has been mentioned by the CNRS, in its section "Direct from the laboratories of the Institute of Chemistry".

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Interview with Julien Nicolas on the website of the CNRS Chemistry Institute

Following the publication of a journal article covering the cover of Nature Chemistry, an interview with Julien Nicolas was published on the INC website of the CNRS on degradable vinyl polymers as a potential source of biomedical innovations.

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Nouveaux doctorants 2015-2016

A la suite du concours de l'Ecole Doctorale 425, trois nouveaux doctorants ont obtenu une allocation de recherche et intégreront l'Institut Galien Paris Sud à  la rentrée universitaire 2015-2016. Il s'agit de :

Julien MASSIOT (éq 1)

Marion QUAILLET (éq 5)

Arnaud PERAMO (éq 7)

Journée des doctorants 2015

La journée des doctorants et post-doctorants de l'unité s'est déroulée le 1er Juin sur le campus d'ORSAY. Elle a donné lieu à des présentations des travaux de doctorants de 2ème année ainsi que des post-doctorants de l'Institut Galien. Les autres travaux ont été présentés sous la forme de posters . A cette occasion, deux conférenciers prestigieux ont été invités. Stefaan de Smedt de l'université" de Gand lien et Mathieu Piel de l'UMR CNRS 144 à l'institut Curie lien. Télécharger le programme (pdf).

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